Our mission is to foster a culture of sobriety through support and connection for the wellbeing of the individual and community. With encouragement, listening, and accountability, individuals find purpose, live in their truth, and create change.

Why peer support?

Peer specialists help individuals use relapse prevention skills when in their own environment, outside of a therapeutic setting. Support calls are brief and focused on skill building. The calls are not intended for venting, to be used as traditional therapy, or as a social outlet not related to recovery. To make it as effective as possible, there are certain steps and guidelines for a Peer Support Line call.

• Before calling, clients are expected to refer to the Peer Support worksheet (download below) to see if they can work through the issue on their own, helping them to not be dependent on the phone line. The worksheet strengthens independence from the Peer Line, and encourages acceptance that many of life’s problems don’t have immediate solutions.
• Individuals should understand the Peer Line is to access support when needed but it is not a crisis line. If emergencies arise, call 911.
• We model effective self-care, limits and boundaries, as well as individual differences by not allowing an individual to speak for long periods of time about issues unrelated to recovery.
• If an individual isn’t comfortable calling the Peer Support Line, peer support can be accessed by text messaging. A client can send a text for a quick check-in or to touch base with a Peer Support Specialist. For more extensive issues, please call the Peer Line.
• It is suggested that individuals place a practice call to the Peer Line, to say “Hi,” and become used to calling the line—and to save the number in their phone.

Peer Support Line /  720.256.6525  |  For current clients of Mile High Behavioral Healthcare only.