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Empower individuals to shape healthy, viable, complete lives and communities.


Provide a caring, seamless continuum of behavioral healthcare to those in need.


These fundamental values are at the heart of Mile High Behavioral Healthcare—the organization, the board, the leadership and the staff. They articulate the ideals we aspire to, the convictions we hold ourselves accountable for, and offer guidance about how we carry out our mission.

EMPATHY   We understand and accept individuals for who they are, what they feel and where they are in life.

RESPECT    We make no judgments and honor the choices of individuals.

CARING   We demonstrate compassionate support and concern.

AUTHENTICITY    We promote the honest development of each individual and cultivate relationships grounded in openness and trust.

SAFETY   We create a safe environment.

STABILITY   We provide high quality, evidence-based, state-of the-art practices and programs that individuals, families, community and staff can always count on to be there.

RESPONSIVE   We find solutions to meet the needs of individuals, families, community, staff, donors and funders.

INTEGRITY   We have the highest level of integrity in our administrative, programs, services and outreach activities and all activities directly relate to our mission.

SUSTAINABILITY   We deliver our mission with thoughtful strategic choices that ensure sufficient financial resources.

ADVOCACY   We advocate for the long-term best interests of those with behavioral health issues.

CONNECTION AND COMMUNITY   We bring people together for greater understanding of one another.