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Rock it Sock it

Sock Drive!
From January 1 through March 1, 2019, you can donate new socks to the ROCK it SOCK it Drive. Socks are the most needed piece of clothing for individuals without permanent housing. And one of the least donated items to homeless shelters. The goal is to receive 2,000 pairs of socks, that will then be stuffed with needed travel-sized toiletries to make Sock Care Kits. The Kits will be assembled March 2, and delivered to Comitis Crisis Center for distribution.

Donate socks and more
-Socks: New winter socks, all sizes, for men, women and children
-Toiletries: New travel-size toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste and deodorant
-Money: Cash donations will expo to cover operating expenses that cannot be donated
-Volunteer: We need help! Call and we can find the right spot for you
-Locations: See the website www.RockItSockIt.org for donation locations in metro Denver

Sock Stuffing Sock Hop
Sock Kits will be assembled on March 2 at The Summit Conference Event Center, while Kerry Pastine and The Crime Scene rock out!

Why are socks so very important?
Providing clean new socks helps those in need to get one step closer to healthcare.
-There is nothing worse than cold feet! Socks provide a layer of warmths, a need that is increased by smoking which constricts blood vessels and makes toes more susceptible to damage by cold. Severe frostbite leads to amputation.
-Sock decrease friction between the shoes and the foot, and help to cushion the bottom of the foot. There are consequences of constant friction—thickened skin, polyneuropathy, skin infections, blood poisoning and bone infections
-Download the flyer and learn more about why socks are so important.

Mile High Behavioral Healthcare is one partner in the Sock Drive.
For info on donations and locations, volunteering or sponsorship opportunities, and other partners visit RockItSockIt.org.