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11/2/2018: CBS4
Nursing Students Get Practical Experience working with community

7/27/2017: Westword
Inaugural Aurora Homeless Connect event launches new day center

7/21/2017: CBS4
DRCOG and local shelter partner for Bike to Work Day

7/21/2017: The Denver Post
Comitis guest gets a new set of wheels

5/31/2017: Westword
One paycheck away from homelessness

4/27/2017: Buckley AFB
Mile High  presents volunteer of the year award to Buckley Air Force Base

3/28/2017: The Denver Post
New Day Resources Center for the homeless opens in Aurora

1/31/2017: Colorado Public Radio
Free haircuts at local shelter

12/20/2016: 9News
Denver Bronco teams up with Safeway and Comitis to battle hunger

12/15/2016: 9News
Local CU scientist has a good idea for helping others in need

11/17/2016: 9News
ALSCO donates 8,000 pairs of pants to homeless and provider agencies

9/2/2016: The Denver Post
Vouchers for laundry helps homeless be ready for school and work

8/23/2016: Aurora Sentinel
Homeless in Aurora register to vote

8/23/2016: 9News
Colorado Secretary of State joins “Homeless not Voiceless” event

8/23/2016: Colorado Public Radio
Comitis leads street-side effort to register the homeless to vote

8/23/2016: CBS4
Homeless individuals encouraged to register to vote

5/5/2016: Aurora Sentinel
Local laundromat owner changes lives one load at a time

4/2/2016: The Denver Post
Marijuana taxes used to address homelessness in Aurora, Colorado

2/8/2016: Bakken Oil Report
Homeless Marine at Comitis fights war on home front

1/26/2016: The Denver Post
Building relationships with homeless street youth 

1/11/2016: Aurora Sentinel
Comitis selected to join the Close to Home Campaign

12/1/2015: DAV Charitable Trust
DAV Charitable Trust provides grant to aid homeless Veterans

11/11/2015: The Aurora Channel
Close To Home Campaign: partnership to end homelessness in Colorado

4/1/2015: LoveAurora
Overview of Comitis shelter and services

3/30/2015: 9NEWS
Cardiologist and author Dr. Phillip Oliva’s struggle with mental illness and addiction

3/13/2015: Denver Post
Comitis and University of Colorado’s Anschutz Campus partner together to serve the homeless during the cold weather

2/2/2015: The Aurora Channel
Comitis receives an award and also partners with the Colorado Avalanche

1/21/2015: Aurora Sentinel
Legalized marijuana prompts many questions and concerns for local charities

1/15/2015: Aurora Sentinel
Cold weather in Aurora stretches resources even thinner for nonprofits serving the homeless

12/08/2014: Aurora Sentinel
City of Aurora awards Comitis with an award plus an update on our hygiene supplies and toys campaign for the holiday season.

12/01/2014: The Aurora Channel
Comitis hosts volunteer day and receives a prestigious, local award.

11/17/2014: The Aurora Channel
Learn more about the Comitis Awareness Night with the Denver Nuggets and our Street Outreach Program to help homeless youth.

10/30/2014: The Aurora Channel
Learn more about the Comitis Awareness Night with the Denver Nuggets and how Snap North is getting out the word.

9/1/2014: The Aurora Channel
Update on a Miracle on Logan Street renovation: Find out more about our renovation of a home that will house eight unaccompanied, homeless women. Thank you Walmart!

8/29/2014: Aurora Sentinel
Rapping up youth homelessness: Rapper Supaman from the Crow Nation shares a message of hope and second chances to runaway youth at a recent event hosted by MHBHC.

8/7/2014: Aurora Sentinel
Shining a light on homeless youth: Documentarian and filmmaker Rotimi Rainwater visits MHBHC’s shelter in Aurora to capture testimonies from local, homeless youth.

7/28/2014: The Aurora Channel
Tooth fairy spotted in Colorado: If you do not believe in the Tooth Fairy, then you definitely need to click here.

7/18/2014: Aurora Sentinel
Is there “no more room at the inn?”: With the Comitis Crisis Center in Aurora operating at a capacity of 99.17% in 2013, questions are raised as to sheltering capacity for the homeless.

6/5/2014: Aurora Sentinel
The fight to end child trafficking: 1 in 3 youth are lured into prostitution within the first three hours of being on the street. Read about our efforts to battle this with street outreach.

3/4/2014: KGNU Denver/Boulder Radio
Mile High Behavioral Healthcare 101: A short introduction to the overall work of the agency.

1/30/2014: Aurora Sentinel
2014 Grocery Cart Races support Comitis kitchen fund: Over $11,000 cash and $5,000 in groceries raised to feed 19,000 homeless individuals at MHBHC’s housing program in Aurora

1/28/2014: Denver Post
Momma Dee lauded as “Amazing Auroran:” Surrounded by friends and family, Momma Dee receives prestigious award from Aurora City Councilwoman Sally Mounier.

1/26/2014: Denver Post
Chef at homeless shelter will receive prestigious award: “Momma Dee,” the chef of MHBHC’s housing division in Aurora, slated to be honored with the Amazing Auroran Award.

12/18/2013: Aurora Sentinel
Volunteers help to open more room for homeless at Comitis: MHBHC’s housing division in Aurora increases local capacity by 40 beds.

06/26/2013: Fox 31 News
Dangerous new trend, teens smoking alcohol:  MHBHC staff member provides expert opinion on dangerous new drug trend.

05/17/2013: Aurora Sentinel
Club deadly: Experts say those who attack and kill homeless people share many traits: Comitis provides commentary on street life and violence.

04/11/2013: Aurora Sentinel
Banks and trust: Local credit union works with homeless vets to show them money matters: Fitzsimons Credit Union and the Comitis Crisis Center partner to provide free financial literacy counseling to Veterans.

01/31/2013: Aurora Sentinel
Grocery cart races raises money for local shelter: Fun annual fundraiser to support the food pantry at the Comitis Crisis Center.

11/20/2012:  Aurora Sentinel
Homeless for the holidays: Aurora’s Comitis Center working with VA to focus on getting female homeless vets back on their feet: MHBHC’s housing program at the Comitis Crisis Center creates a program to serve homeless Veterans and their families.

10/04/2012: Comcast Newsmakers
Joining forces: Mile High Council and Comitis Crisis Center: A Q&A segment with Beverly Weaver on some of our services.

07/26/2012: Aurora Sentinel
Miracle makeover: Macy’s in Aurora mall provides Miracles participants with free cosmetic makeovers  in preparation for job interviews.