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Mile High Behavioral Healthcare
Since 1960 we have empowered individuals to shape healthy, viable, complete lives. Now more than ever, Mile High Behavioral Healthcare is looking forward to tomorrow. To ensure our future of caregiving and to expand  capacity, we’re developing The Recovery Center—a home for our programs and business offices. We see the need in our community and the many individuals who are left behind. The Recovery Center will be a place for those individuals on a journey of recovery—recovery from trauma, addiction, homelessness and mental health issues.

Who we serve

Our care and programs are vital to individuals who are on the fringes of our community—those struggling to hold on and move forward. As we centralize the MHBHC operations and grow our capacity, we will more effectively help high-risk, high-need individuals who find significant barriers to care. There is no other behavioral healthcare provider in Denver that serves who we serve, or provides the care we provide to:
• Veterans, women, men, LGBTQ individuals, single-parent families, men and women living with HIV, and youth
• Individuals with mental health and substance use issues, and co-occurring disorders
• Individuals with trauma, relationship issues, gay men’s wellness issues and youth struggling to find their way
• VA-eligible families and single woman who are homeless
• Homeless families
• Runaway and homeless youth

We understand the need for recovery support

• Colorado is in the top 10 states with the highest rates of illicit drug and alcohol use among youth and adults
• Colorado has higher than the national average rates for two key mental health indicators—serious psychological distress and major depressive episodes
• Young adults with co-occurring depression and substance use issues are more likely to be unemployed and have lower incomes
• Almost 30% of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have a major depressive disorder, but less than 50% receive mental health services
• 70% of individuals in the criminal justice system need treatment for drugs, alcohol and mental health issues but less than 17% are receiving these services
• Less than seven percent of adults with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders receive the treatment they need

Building Recovery Campaign

After 55 years, Mile High Behavioral Healthcare continues to broaden our reach, expand services and sustain programs. We need your support to develop The Recovery Center, a hub for the critical and important care we deliver to members of your community. Partner in our leap into the future, and in the journey of individuals who need our care and compassion. Join the Building Recovery Campaign—your opportunity to be a part of Mile High Behavioral Healthcare as we expand and help more individuals. Life changing for you and for those who are able to begin their journey of recovery.

Please consider a gift to the Building Recovery Campaign. Contact James for more information, (720) 975-0155, x13.